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Our Mission

Enabling everyone to engage, organize and understand the impact of positive social change. It takes one person to build a movement that can change the world. Our mission is to enable everyone in the world to participate and engage in lifting their community to new heights. We do so by providing a platform to list, find, organize and measure the impact of service-learning, community engagement, philanthropy and volunteerism in the community.

"Turning Care into Action"

Our r0ckstars who are taking a stand for what is right. Join our team and the movement!

Investing in our community and taking a stand. Join our team and movement!


Without you, our story doesn't get told. We've come a long way, and there's a lot of growth ahead of us. Get information about who we are, and where we're headed. Follow us on social media, the following is some old news when we first started.

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Albuquerque Journal: Austin leftovers recycled to feed the hungry

Managing volunteers through the Austin-based website GivePulse, the organization has become much more efficient in getting food picked up and delivered... more

The Whitehouse: Technology-Enabled Volunteers Ending Hunger and Food Waste in Austin

George Luc is being honored as a Champion of Change for applying his tech skills for civic good... more

"Activating and Engaging Communities"


Although we were officially founded in 2012, George likes to think that the idea of GivePulse dates back to his childhood. He has a story about weed (the crabgrass kind), working with people with disabilities, the Virginia Tech Massacre and many more defined him as an individual. His first small nonprofit helped high schools fix random technology problems. Through these experiences he came to identify a formula: 30min + $30 = College Education. Specifically, if he and his friends were able to donate 30 minutes to volunteer and install a $30 router, it would provide wifi access to impoverished neighborhoods with children looking to apply and learn more about college.

This formula set in motion a determination to address digital access, and quickly evolved into a platform to scale volunteerism and service-learning.

In 2012, George Luc set out to build a platform. Together with his CTO and co-founder, James McGirr, GivePulse was born, a civic network matching people in our community with causes they care about while enabling easy organization, management and mobilization of volunteers and supporters.

From day one our mission has been to solve tough social problems through the use of technology. Keeping true to that original mission, today our civic engagement platform supports thousands of nonprofits, associations, institutions, businesses and organizations.

George Luc

Chief Civic Evangelist

A community activist, technologist, user experience and design professional. George has a BS and MS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech with an emphasis in Human Computer Interaction. He spent much of his early career developing technology for people with disabilities and has worked with companies like Daylert, IBM, ESO Solutions and HomeAway. He serves as a board member of City of Austin Volunteer & Service, Austin Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau, KLRU (Local PBS) Advisory Board, Open Door Preschool, and was a City Commissioner for Austin Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities. George is a TEDxAustin speaker, SXSW Dewey Honoree, and he and GivePulse have recently been honored for their work as White House Champions for Change.

James McGirr

Chief Civic Hacker

A community volunteer and technologist. He has a BS in Physics from Carnegie Mellon University and studied Computer Science in graduate school at the University of Illinois at Chicago. James co-founded the startup Flocasts which is a social network and portal for sports, including Track and Field, Wrestling, Swimming, and Gymnastics. After Flocasts, James joined Epicom, a leading CRM consulting, development and integration firm where he spent three years before joining GivePulse.

"Collaborating on Wicked Challenges"

One of our taskforce meetings focused on the COVID emergency response. Learn more here!

One of our taskforce meetings focused on the COVID emergency response. Learn more here!

Some of our features

Manage Memberships

Centralize management of active and inactive memberships, determine who is pending, restrict access to certain individuals and groups, track their lifetime engagement with your cause

Collect metrics and data on goals

Collaborate with community partners, approve and edit submitted projects, applications, internships, grants, events and experiences. At the same time, analyze all the data collected and partner with us to help make sense of your data so we can move the needle together

Relationship management database

Manage all the interactions, relationships and data of your members, partners, and departments in your community. The database grows as your needs and data grows. We also can work with you to integrate with other databases like Salesforce, SugarCRM, CiviCRM, etc.

Curate and List all Events & Opportunities

Create, map, sort, filter in-person and remote or virtual opportunities that align with your mission, group, association, department, school and business

Philanthropy & Giving

Organize all philanthropy and giving efforts in one place. Be it matching donations, grant making or giving days, leverage the capabilities to coordinate, and activate engagement of donors, volunteers, partners and your community

Manage Impacts & Outcomes

Allow individuals and groups in one place to track their collective impact, activities, reflections and engagement with the community. At the same time providing organizations a central location to verify, report, understand their impact to the community and to agilely improve

Mobile Experience for Admins & End Users

Mobile friendly, and a downloadable app in the appstores (supporting both iOS on iTunes and Android on Google Play). Allows admins to manage and communicate with members and volunteers. And allows volunteers and members to browse and track their engagement

Communication & Messaging Platform

Communicate with your members, donors, volunteers and advocates. Message specific individuals, groups in a specific a shift, event or a program. You can email, send them SMS text message or communicate within our mobile download iOS or Android app

Assessment, Survey & Custom fields

Ask Pre and Post Questions and Surveys, collect t-shirt size, food requirements, phone numbers and any additional surveys for your events, opportunities and programs


We have different pricing options available for any type of group. Here are our prices for nonprofits: Get more information about our subscriptions for Events, K-12, Higher Education, Cities and Enterprises on our Pricing page.


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