Shifting to a future for unicorns: programs, projects and partners

(Cancelled) was Friday, November 6th, 2020 from 10:00am to 11:30am (MT)
This event has been cancelled.


The current situation is transitioning our society, now is the time to radically shift our thinking on how we support our communities and adapt ahead of the changing landscape. This workshop will cover how to navigate the unknown, operating in the changing landscape and maintain a high functioning team, project or program. Dr. Louangketh will bring examples from her years of experience from the local, regional and international levels.

Participants will understand how to 

  • create space for creativity while focusing on your mission. 

  • move from the “old way” to the “new way”

  • assess external factors and plan for the future.


Dr. Palina Louangketh


Founding Director IMID

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