Boise State Sustainability and Community Garden Club



Boise State's Sustainability Club and Community Garden strives to promote sustainable living on and off campus. We maintain the campus community garden located at 1415 Juanita St. in order to provide fresh free vegetables to students, faculty, and community members. Our garden emphasizes integration of students and community members into their natural environment as well as highlighting importance on education in sustainability. Our goal is to provide a space for student experimentation, and to demonstrates the relationship between human actions and natural systems. The garden is home to raised beds, a hydroponics system, compost area, water management system, solar powered meeting space and a chicken coop. 
Boise State's Sustainability Club and Community Garden work very closely in events across campus with The Boise State Sustainability Department to educate and involve students in many amazing ways, in hopes to create a family of environmental advocates.  

Sustainable Development Goals

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