Name Start Date Time Description Registered
CTL Writing Cafe
April 3
The CTL Writing Cafe is a weekly virtual event that endeavors to create a community for educators to find dedicated time to engage in their ... 12
DEI in Mentoring*
March 28
Traditional ideas of mentoring include characteristics that are usually based strictly on academics. How can we implement a holistic approac ... 19
Talking Teaching: Applying Ideas Learned in the Inclusive Excellence FLC*
March 29
In this Talking Teaching session, participants in the Inclusive Excellence Faculty Learning Community will discuss the projects they develop ... 5
Effective Practices for Mentoring Faculty
March 31
This panel discussion will examine mentoring practices for faculty—from the perspectives of mentors and mentees. Come learn how to mak ... 13
Supporting First Generation Students*
April 3
This workshop will offer a greater sense of understanding of first generation college students' (FGS) experiences, needs and challenges, bot ... 11
Multilingual Students' Advice for their Instructors*
April 5
Boise State students who grew up speaking languages other than English have much to offer the campus community. This panel of successful mul ... 9
Mindfully Mentoring*
April 5
We're all mentors in some way; personally, academically, and/or professionally. While the task of mentoring others can provide satisfaction, ... 2
Talking Teaching: Project-Based Learning in the Community, Building your Teaching Toolkit
April 7
This Talking Teaching session will share tools and tips for preparing students to complete projects in the community. Th ...
Come to Class: A Student-Led Conversation about Student Success
April 10
“Come to Class” is a round-table-style discussion led by the COAS Student Leadership Board to explore current roadblocks that st ... 11
Using Active Group Learning While Lecturing
April 11
Research has shown that students (and all people!) learn better in short chunks. Assigning short group assignments throughout a lecture help ... 9
Using Active Group Learning While Lecturing
April 13
Research has shown that students (and all people!) learn better in short chunks. Assigning short group assignments throughout a lecture help ... 10
Discomfort or Discrimination? Students' Perspectives on Boise State Learning Environments
April 19
In our age of extreme political partisanship, many faculty have come to fear teaching subjects that might trigger strong ...
Supporting Non-Traditional Students
April 21
In this session, a panel of nontraditional students will discuss the barriers they face at Boise State that set them apart from traditional ... 0
Integration of Mobile Learning Experiences into the Curriculum
April 27
Description: Evaluating and integrating current technology into the curriculum is needed to meet 21st century educational expectations and w ... 0
Recognizing and Valuing Mentoring in Faculty Work
April 28
This event is a facilitated discussion on how to better recognize and document the mentoring work that faculty do. 4
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