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"Fight the Power": Moving from individual advance to systemic change*
October 26
Join me for a discussion about the systemic "ghost in the machine" to critically examine the roots of the systems we are all enmeshed in. Sy ... 7
Effective Program Assessment Brown Bag: Best practices for connecting specialized accreditation with PAR
October 28
Working on PAR while living and breathing in the weeds of specialized accreditation can feel challenging but it doesn’t have to be! Wh ... 14
Inclusive Excellence at Boise State*
October 28
This interactive workshop will offer participants the opportunity to explore the concept of Inclusive Excellence and how they can play a rol ... 18
Help Session: Adapting Service-learning for COVID; Developing inclusive, remote service-learning projects
October 29
Bring your questions and ideas for service-learning during the pandemic. Service-Learning staff will share examples of remote projects and r ... 6
The Political is Personal: An Election Debrief for Faculty
November 5
The 2020 Presidential Election is one of the most highly charged elections in recent U.S. history. We don’t know what the results of t ... 1
Active Learning in Asynchronous Settings
November 9
This workshop is designed to help you consider and integrate strategies to get students actively engaged with your course content - and each ... 2
Using Zoom Breakout Rooms with Your Students
November 9
Breakout rooms are a great way for students to collaborate and engage with one another while learning remotely. This help session will focus ... 4
Help Session: Building partnerships in the community to advance student learning.
November 10
This help session explore ways to rekindle community partnerships, develop new ones, and think of creative ways to build reciprocal partners ... 0
Help Session: Switching to Online/Remote Teaching After Thanksgiving Break
November 12
Starting this November 30th, to help prevent the spread of the virus on campus, all Boise State instructors teaching in-person will be requi ... 0
Effective Program Assessment: Choosing What to Assess
November 13
This workshop will help programs consider new direct and indirect measures they could use as part of their Program Assessment Reporting proc ... 17
Mixing it up: Active learning in remote environments
November 17
Just because you can’t be together with your students in the classroom doesn’t mean that you can’t mix up what you do via ... 4
Grading Practices That Measure and Support Learning
November 18
Teaching during COVID has created many new challenges for faculty, including how to effectively and equitably grade students during a time o ... 0
Help Session: Assessing Your Students While Teaching Remotely
November 30
With the current pandemic forcing instructors to transition to remote/online teaching, it can be a challenge to assess students using tradit ... 0
Help Session: Think Spring! Supporting equitable student access to your SL project
December 1
This session will focus on the development of SL projects that support authentic student access for all. The focus will be geared toward pro ... 0
Introduction to Flexible Course Design
December 2
Are you teaching a new course, or in a new modality this spring? If so, this workshop will provide strategies for creating a flexible course ... 0
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