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Building Your Professional Portfolio
February 8
Brought to you by IFATE (Framework for Assessing Teaching Effectiveness), this workshop will explore the building of a professional portfoli ... 13
Writing Clear Learning Outcomes
March 3
The purpose of this help session is to give faculty a quick process to help write simple, clear learning targets that are the bedrock for de ... 3
Developing a Growth Mindset: Tools and tricks to help students learn how to learn
March 8
The work of Carol Dweck and others has shown that the ability to learn is not “fixed”, but, rather, that we can develop and impr ... 23
Teaching in the Age of Disaster: Tackling "Wicked Problems" with Students
March 10
It's easy to fall back on the familiar ways of teaching your discipline's core content and skills—even if those methods result in lack ... 4
Help Session: Developing remote, inclusive service-learning projects
March 16
Bring your questions and ideas for service-learning during the pandemic. Service-Learning staff will share examples of remote projects and r ... 0
Inclusive Excellence at Boise State*
March 17
This interactive workshop will offer participants the opportunity to explore the concept of Inclusive Excellence and how they can play a rol ... 23
PAR Work Session #3
March 19
This spring the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Institutional Research (IR), and University Foundations (UF) offices are partnering ... 3
Teaching Spotlight: Staying Present with Your Students without Breaking the Mental Bank (Canvas Edition)
March 22
We all feel it. That desire to be available for every student, one on one, providing engagement throughout the semester. But when you are te ... 8
Multilingual Students' Advice for their Instructors*
March 24
Boise State students who grew up speaking languages other than English have much to offer the campus community. This panel of successful mul ... 30
Cheating, Chegg, and COVID-19: Strategies for Cultivating Academic Integrity
March 29
This session will present research and Boise State data related to academic misconduct trends impacted by the move to online learning and th ... 0
Getting the Most Out Of Your Rubrics
March 30
Rubrics and Proficiency Scales are the heavy lifters of instructional design. This workshop identifies five ways (other than being used for ... 3
Turning Students into Storytellers Using Multimedia Assignments
March 31
In every course, in every college and department on campus, students have a story to tell - stories about what they are learning, and how it ... 17
Beyond the Language Binary - Strategies on Adopting Inclusive Language*
April 1
The language we use to talk to and about our students and colleagues can unintentionally confine someone to an identity that does not fit fo ... 15
Boyer: Scholarship Reconsidered at Boise State
April 2
Although Boyer wrote Scholarship Reconsidered 30 years ago, many of its central tenets remain relevant today. And while the Boise State P&am ... 1
Creating an Inclusive Classroom for Students with Disabilities*
April 5
This session identifies obstacles students with disabilities face and guides participants to apply a disability studies lens and universal d ... 15
Introduction to Service-Learning in the Curriculum
April 9
Come learn about Service-Learning (SL) – an innovative teaching strategy that engages students in community-based hands-on learning th ... 1
PAR Work Session #4
April 23
This spring the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Institutional Research (IR), and University Foundations (UF) offices are partnering ... 3
Designing Your Life
May 7
This session of Design Your Life: Faculty/Staff edition will guide participants through the entirety of the DYL protocol (Stanford ... 4
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